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Cash Management

Cash management – the key to
long-term business success

CIBC Commercial Banking offers a full range of payables, receivables, liquidity and information management solutions. Our Cash Management specialists will work with your company’s treasury team to tailor solutions designed to meet your day-to-day transactional and reporting needs and to support the achievement of your key business goals.

Optimize your company’s cash flow online, anytime

The new CIBC Cash Management OnlineTM (CMO) service provides secure, 24/7 access to a comprehensive suite of online cash management products, including strong payment and reporting services and flexible client administration capabilities. This intuitive web-based platform can adapt to meet your current and future online cash management needs.

Payables solutions that save you time and keep you on track

Our payables solutions are designed to help you make payments efficiently, accurately, and securely. They include the following:

CIBC Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Direct Deposit. EFT Direct Deposit is an easy and cost-effective way to pay your employees, suppliers, or investors anywhere within Canada, in Canadian or U.S. dollars. It reduces the possibility of fraud from lost or misdirected cheques and eliminates the uncertainties associated with the timing of payments, as you control when your funds will be transferred.

CIBC Automated Clearing House (ACH). CIBC Automated Clearing House (ACH) U.S. Dollar Cross-Border Payment Service for Payables is an electronic payment service that provides your business with a convenient and cost-effective way to issue U.S. dollar payments to beneficiary accounts at any financial institution in the United States.

CIBC Wire Payments. Do you pay suppliers outside of Canada or need to send guaranteed funds quickly? CIBC Wire Payments service offers your business a fast, dependable way of managing payments in any major currency to beneficiaries around the globe. Fast, guaranteed payments allow you to maintain positive supplier relationships for time sensitive payments. The efficiencies of managing payments electronically will allow you to spend more time focusing on the growth of your business.

CIBC Government Payment and Filing Service. CIBC’s Government Payment and Filing Service is designed to provide a convenient way to remit payment to the government and give you more control over your cash flow. Filing information and paying business taxes online can help eliminate late- payment penalties and expedite receipt of your GST/HST refunds.

Commercial Cards. Through our referral agreement with U.S. BankTM1 Canada, CIBC is able to offer you a broad range of expense management and procurement payment options. Programs such as the U.S. Bank Canada Corporate Card, U.S. Dollar Corporate Card, Purchasing Card and One Card help you manage direct and indirect company expenditures.

Payroll Services. Why spend your time managing payroll when you can outsource it to one of Canada’s leading payroll management companies? Through the use of Direct Deposit to your employees’ bank accounts, they are provided with the convenience of having access to their funds more quickly than cashing a paycheque. You benefit from concise reporting and more time to run your business.

Receivables solutions that can increase cash inflow

The faster you can collect your receivables, the sooner you can use those funds for your own benefit. CIBC receivables solutions include the following:

CIBC EFT Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP). Avoid the costs associated with receiving cheques and preparing bank deposits. EFT PAP is a predictable and cost-effective way to collect regular and recurring Canadian and U.S. dollar payments from your customers anywhere in Canada.

CIBC Rapidtrans®. With CIBC Rapidtrans, you can make deposits at CIBC or any other financial institution and have the funds consolidated in a central account overnight. This eliminates transfers between inter-company accounts, saving you time and making it easier for you to monitor each location’s daily contribution to cash flow.

CIBC Lockbox. CIBC Lockbox eliminates in-house cheque and invoice processing for the payments you receive from your clients. We handle the entire process – from opening the mail to sending you the information you need to reconcile your receivables – giving you faster access to your payments. Lockbox locations are available in major cities across Canada and the U.S., which can improve the timing of collection and application to your account.

CIBC Merchant Electronic Bill Payments. CIBC Merchant Electronic Bill Payment service provides your clients with the option to pay online, through telephone banking, ABM or at CIBC branches, enabling you to get your money faster than you would with more conventional methods of payment. The daily detailed payment information allows you to simplify and reconcile your accounts receivable quickly and easily, giving you more control of your accounts and cash flow.

CIBC Merchant Services. CIBC Merchant Services can save you time and money when processing retail payments at the point of sale. Offering your retail customers alternative convenient payment options improves their experience and may even result in higher sales.

Key benefits of an effective cash management structure

A secure, efficient, and cost-effective cash management platform will help you to:

  • Optimize your cash flow through a comprehensive suite of cash management products and services
  • Efficiently manage working capital by streamlining procurement and payment processes
  • Enhance control and security over your day-to-day transactions
  • Improve profitability with tailored liquidity solutions

Our commitment to you

Whether your business is new or well established, in a growth phase or holding steady, we are committed to providing you with:

  • Flexible business solutions that meet your company's unique needs
  • Dedicated business expertise from a relationship manager who understands you, your business, and the industry you work in
  • Timely business advice to ensure that you have what you need when you need it

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